Civil Engineering

Gleed Services ltd has a vast knowledge of open cut excavation works in busy roads, footpaths and fields. We can provide services for the installation of power cables ranging from LV, HV and EHV, all staff are qualified to enter substations up to a 132kv.


  • Construction of transformer bases.
  • Deep excavation and shaft sinking.
  • Trench excavation.
  • Cable pulling, jointing and testing.
  • Case 660 Top Cutter will cut through tarmac/concrete road surface to a depth of 400mm.
  • Own and operate a vacuum excavator.
  • Overhead power line pole erecting single pole, H Pole and steel structures.

All of our services are performed to the highest standard, ensuring that we keep disruption to a minimum. By choosing Gleed Services, you’re in the best care. With outstanding performance and high recommendations, we are a number one choice