Feasibility Studies

In order to combat the increasingly common occurrence of excavation-related accidents and damage to utilities caused through construction activity, Gleed Services Limited readily enforces HSE Executive guidelines in a conscious effort to avoid such danger by using location devices for the sub–surface detection of utility infrastructure.

Our underground infrastructure surveys are increasingly used during the project design stage to ensure appropriate measures are taken to avoid service conflicts and quantify the scope of any service re–alignment works. We use the latest Subsite 950 cable locator and ground penetrating radar techniques to confirm and complement existing drawings and other records prior to development and excavation operations.

Gleed Services Limited has developed a full feasibility study and mapping service, of which clients can select various levels depending on their specific survey requirements.
Our typical Study comprises the following elements:

  • Desk study – the review of statutory service records and other site-specific data, either supplied by the client or compiled by Gleed Services Limited. The findings contribute towards the planning of the project
  • Field inspection – we measure, record and photograph each attribute e.g. inspection covers, man holes, etc.
  • Geotechnical investigation report
  • GPR analysis to provide accurate and thorough site investigation
  • Topographical surveying using topcon 9005A robotic total station EDM
  • Marking out of high voltage cables in substations and providing detail report of depth and position

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