Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar technology allows you to see the position and depth of pipes and cables in real time, a non-destructive, geophysical method of penetration that can be used in a variety of ground formation including rock, clay, soils, pavements and roads. By using radar pulses to image the subsurface, GPR can detect objects, changes in ground formation. With Pipe Hawk Gleed Services Ltd can work smart and work safe, surveying and marking the site as we go. It puts us in control and makes projects more predictable, eliminating delays and unexpected surprises.


GPR has many applications in a number of fields and is a non-destructive means of investigating and locating buried utilities.

Typical GPR applications are:

  • Finding the position of pipes & services so that these are not cut through/ damaged when construction work is carried out
  • Checking for deterioration of wood construction overhead power lines
  • Checking on the composition and integrity of road construction
  • Determining the position and quality of reinforcement within concrete
  • Locating underground cavities e.g. uncapped mineshafts, underground vaults and tunnels
  • Forensic work
  • Identifying the position of archaeological remains

All equipment used in this process is operated in accordance with national regulatory requirements.

*Source: European GPR Association, 2009